Reviews of Shattered

"If art is meant to disturb, to reach out and touch an individual on a visceral level, then [Korin Dushayl] did so for this reader. Not an easy accomplishment, for I have layers of scars over those wounds. Read SHATTERED if you've a lion's heart. Live it if you dare." -- Five Mystique Moons. (Outstanding) Class Five sensuality. (Raging carnality)
Brenda Thatcher, Co-Owner Mystique Books
Korin Dushayl "writes with authority and compassion about those who live within the lifestyle. Broken and Shattered explore issues including finding and initiating a submissive partner, informed consent and the difference between dominating someone and exploiting their needs." (full review, which appeared in Forum magazine)
Elizabeth Coldwell author, anthologist, magazine editorĀ 
Korin Dushayl's "new books were quite a delight to discover. Her savvy of the lifestyle and excellent writing style left me mesmerized, looking forward to each next page. Although much of this subject is new to me, the articulate writing style made me feel as though I had been playing for years. I highly recommend Shattered as well as the companion book Broken."
~Andrew G. Katsetos~
"Having finished both Broken and Shattered I will give a recommendation that comes bundled with subjective advice.

"I think it fair to warn booklovers that I would consider it a good idea to schedule time to read these books, rather than just starting them on impulse. I had an extremely difficult time putting these books down. Not only did I find them highly addictive but after I had inhaled every speck the withdrawal cravings were nearly instantaneous. I am hooked now and have a jones for more ... and I need it NOW!!!!!!!!!!"