When you finish reading a novel do you want the characters to stay with you, forcing you to think about the dark side of good people?

Do you appreciate that sex often drives the interactions between individuals and that sex means something different to everyone?

Do you value fiction that doesn't fall neatly into narrow categories?

Dark, edgy fiction by Korin Dushayl
What others say about Dushayl's work:

She "touches upon darkness that many of us hold within ourselves and the inner core that can be broken and rebuilt. She brought out the things that we will do and go through in order to achieve our life goals"


"The sex never disappoints in [her] novels. Just like a great night night in the dungeon, once the kinky action begins, it barely lets up."

Her work "unfolds with the assured touch of a best-selling mainstream author, seducing us into the lives of people with needs and agendas that find wings in the dark. Only an author familiar with this landscape could peel back these layers of psychological complexity without flinching and without dramatic compromise..."

Larry Brooks, USA Today bestselling author of
Darkness Bound and Bait and Switch